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Football golf - a sport for everyone

Come to our summer environment and try an amusing activity, where everyone can join in. Football Golf is a sport, common to minigolf - just with bigger courses and a football. The Football Golfcourse itself has 18 holes and the ball is meant to be kicked through various obstacles, before kicking it into the hole. <br />Bring your family, colleagues og friends for at nice day with Football Golf and a Foodbasket. We have tables and benches (outdoor and indoor) and a barbeque - just bring your own coal and ignition.


The track opens at.  AM 9.00.

Last kicks at. PM 7.00,

or by appointment

Find us here

Vestjysk Fodboldgolf

Dejrupvej 73
DK-6855 Outrup
Tlf.: (+45) 5141 4333

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